My superpower ...

Building castles in the air

This is where I'm from ...

I was born as a calf in a dairy farm and separated from my beloved mum at an early age. Luckily my friend Punky was always by my side. Actually, like most bull calves, we were supposed to end up at the slaughterhouse when we were only a few months old, but we were lucky. An animal lover advocated for us and together we were saved. Now I'm happy to be a Glücksrind.

My birthday

September 3rd, 2020

Which one would I choose ...

Away from the herd


In the middle of the herd

Apples & Carrots



Avoiding scuffles


Testing my strength with other cattle

This is what I look like ...

They say my magnificent horns make me an incredibly handsome ox.

If you were my sponsor, I would...

Hopefully not oversleep when you come to visit

Enchant you with my loving gaze

Encourage you to pet me

Three hashtags that describe me ...




My favourite in the Glücksrinder herd is ...

My faithful friend Punky, who I was lucky enough to be with from an early age.


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