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How can you support us?


The Glücksrinder and our project are supported by sponsorships, which make a significant contribution to our monthly care costs. With a sponsorship, you give the cattle financial security and the opportunity to lead a dignified life among their herd for as long as possible.

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We are dependent on donations to care for our Glücksrinder. If you would like to support our project and the cattle, we would be delighted to accept your contribution.

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Would you like to support us in our work at Glücksrinder e.V.? Whether active or passive, by becoming a member you can help our cattle and actively support our commitment to the protection of our animals.

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Other way to support


Unter dem Motto „SCHENKE LEBEN, SPENDE LICHT“ könnt ihr unsere liebevoll gestalteten Lebensretterkarten für einenvon euch frei wählbaren Betrag erwerben und an einenHerzensmenschen eurer Wahl verschenken.

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Support our crowd-funding – let's make a difference together and give the cattle the chance of a dignified, full life in an environment where they deserve the care they get.

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You can easily support our Glücksrinder through your online purchases. With just three more clicks, you can contribute to our project. Best of all, there's no extra cost to you as the donation is made by the store where you make the purchase.

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You can easily support our lucky cattle with your purchases. Support our project with three more clicks without any additional financial outlay. Because the donation is only paid by the shop you order from.

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What do cattle need?

Happy Grazing and Winter Hay

Our Glücksrinder live entirely on fresh pasture grass in the summer. During the winter, they are fed mostly hay and silage, which is high energy feed preserved by fermentation.

Mineral Supply

A sufficient supply of salt and minerals is also essential for herd health, which is why our Glücksrinder have access to salt and mineral licks at all times.

Hydration Marvel

On average, cattle consume an incredible 80 liters of water a day, which is necessary because they produce 200 liters of saliva a day for ruminating. During the summer, we use a pasture water station to supply our Glücksrinder with fresh creek water.

Freedom of Movement

In summer, our Glücksrinder have access to spacious pastures where they have plenty of room to graze. During the winter months, our cattle are housed in a stable where they can move around freely.

Weather Protection

When grazing on the pasture, the Glücksrinder need weather protection from rain, storms and the hot summer days, so they are not exposed to direct sunlight. In our main summer pasture, lots of trees give them shade and protection. On the second pasture, made possible through the kindness of financial donations, we have been able to purchase and set up large tents on the pasture to make sure they stay comfortable.

Need to Scratch

Cattle naturally want need to scratch and rub themselves to get rid of bugs and mites. So, it's really important to give them things to scratch against. In the summer, our Glücksrinder use the trees for scratching and we put up different kinds of brushes in the pasture and in the stall for them to use. Of course, we also brush them regularly and they love the attention.

Preventative Care

Our Glücksrinder need regular veterinary care. Following German regulations, the whole herd goes through a mandatory BHV blood test once a year. This test is not just a legal requirement; it's also our chance to thoroughly assess the overall health and well-being of each animal.

Healthy Hooves

Keeping a close on the hooves is crucial for the overall health and happiness of the cattle. The most common health issues they face involve injuries or inflammation in their hooves. With regular trimming, we can catch and treat these problems early and even prevent them from happening in the first place. Hoof trimming should take place regularly, either every year or every other year.

Food Wonder

Cattle can consume around 200 kg or 440 lbs of feed a day, which is between a quarter and a third of their body weight.