It is not “just an animal”. It is a heart that beats, a soul that feels and a life that wants to live.

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Anyone who has had the opportunity to experience cattle up close will understand how sensitive, kind and strong in character they are and the charm they radiate. Our Glücksrinder have unique identities and we would like to share their wonderful and very individual characters with you. Have fun immersing yourself in the personalities of our Glücksrinder ...

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We are dependent on donations to care for our lucky cattle. If you would like to support our project and the cattle, we would be delighted to receive your contribution. All support options

Testimonials from our sponsors


We think it's great that there is a place where the cattle are treated as the sensitive creatures they are and where they are just allowed to be.


Every animal soul should be treated as lovingly, with dignity and respect as the lucky cattle, my sponsorship gives me the opportunity to do something good and give back to our planet and its wonderful souls what we have taken from it.


Admittedly, it was the perfect present for the first birthday of my daughter and her friend. What could be more meaningful than becoming a lucky cattle godmother? Both creatures can learn so much from each other and gain positive experiences. I want my daughter to know that cattle do not have purple spots and that milk is not a mass-produced product made for humans. With our sponsorship we would like to support our daughter, even though she is growing up in the city, to look at all kinds of living creatures with differentiation and open, loving eyes. We thank the Glücksrinder team from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible with your tireless efforts.

Sabine & René

We are sponsors of "Glücksrinder e.V." because we want to support this wonderful project and give these cattle a nice home. The suffering of the cattle in particular is immeasurable. They are exploited for milk and are therefore permanently pregnant. After giving birth to calves continuously for 5 to 6 years, they are slaughtered. If the offspring is male, they go to slaughter immediately after birth; if it is female, the same suffering awaits them as the mother animal. Animals are not food, they are lovable creatures.

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Pasture Turnout 2024

15 April 2024

Every year, it is a joy to watch the cattle experience their grazing bliss. Now they are completely in their element, enjoying the freedom, the fresh grass and the sun on their skin. This is how cattle should live - connected with nature.

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All news